Our Fellowship Group

We are a group of young professionals and students, ranging approximately from age 16-35.  Some of us are new to Canada while others of us have been here for decades.  Some of us are Canadian-born while others were born overseas.  Although we’re somewhat diverse, what brings us together is our common love of food, music, but above all — Christ our Lord.

We meet weekly on Friday nights for fellowship.  During these fellowship events, we typically have a music session where we teach beginner-level instrument lessons if needed, and practice with each other in an informal jamming session.  We generally follow this up with a short topical discussion on current Christian concerns, and then make our way over to a local restaurant or cafe to just hang out and chat over something to eat.

Occasionally we hold seasonal events such as:

  • Dumpling making around Chinese New Year
  • Pumpkin carving around Halloween
  • Blue Jays Baseball game night
  • Movie night
  • and many more…  Stay tuned!

In addition to our regular Friday Night Fellowship, we also try to perform a few acts of community outreach as a group.  In 2014 we managed to do a few good acts of community service.

  • Daily Food Bank
  • Operation Christmas Child
  • Yonge Street Mission/Double Take Store
  • Organizing International Student Ministry workshops

If you’re interested in knowing more, feel free to browse our Events page.  You can also contact us via email at tmpc.fellowship@gmail.com.